1. Overall, how satisfied are you with the quality of the home-improvement project provided by Top-Notch Renovations?           

2. Overall, how satisfied are you with the process of working with Top-Notch Renovations on your home-improvement project?

3. Why did you choose Top-Notch Renovations for your home-improvement project? (Please select all that apply):

 The price was better than other estimates I received It was the only estimate I got The estimate was clear and concise I am a return customer I trusted Top-Notch Renovations was qualified to perform the work They were referred to me by someone I trust I saw previous work done by Top-Notch Renovations Other - Please specify your response in Question 8 below

4. Please rate the following on a 1-5 scale, where 5 is outstanding and 1 is unacceptable:

    a. The final price matched the estimated price:       

    b. The workers in my home were polite:                 

    c. The estimate was clear and concise:                 

    d. The work was performed as promised:                

    e. There were few if any "surprises":                       

    f. It was easy to communicate my concerns:          

    g. My concerns were addresses in a timely manner:

    h. The office staff was helpful and courteous:           

    i. The work done is of a superior quality:                  

5. Would you call Top-Notch Renovations for future home-improvement needs?        

6. Would you refer Top-Notch Renovations to others with home-improvement needs?

7. If you were dissatisfied with any part of the process or end result of your project, please tell us how we can improve.

8. Please provide us with any other feedback on what we did well or what you feel we need to improve upon.

Thank you for your feedback. We hope to work with you again soon!